World Yoga Institute is a credential database, and teacher training organization.

We give you the tools on how to become a very effective teacher and leader.

We are a school that trains teachers to lead teacher trainings. We provide course material that unifies all systems of yoga, and teaches how to create postures, kriyas, meditations and pranayama sequences in all styles, for the healing and wellbeing of all humans.

Each person, community, culture, and location on earth has unique needs. When you know and understand the underlying principles, as a teacher you are able to tailor practices to the needs of individuals, and groups.

We are an inclusive school, and see that there is a use for every and all yogic techniques.

As a member, you can create a profile which recognizes all your hours of study in different styles, including the option to share if you are a doctor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, masseuse, dietician or any other relevant healing modality.

This allows our members to have a page which lists all of their accomplishments, and an easy way to share with clients and employers.

Current Yoga Teachers who would like to learn how to build their own teacher training course should contact us for upcoming trainings in creating and running a yoga teacher training school.

We provide full education in:

  • Teaching sequence design
  • Teaching posture creation
  • Designing electives
  • Daily schedule creation
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Public relations
  • Public speaking
  • Manual and teaching materials provided

Our Mission

The World Yoga Institute has one goal,
to elevate the quality of human life and being.

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