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Causative Meditation – How to Create a Life You Love

Meir Ezra + Rae Indigo

Dates: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8:30 – 5:00pm
Location: tba

*Money back guarantee for full course cost if you do not get the results you want.

What is Causative Meditation?

In the physical universe you can either be cause or effect.  There is no in between. When you are cause you become more powerful, more happy, more of the things you want and consider desirable. When you are effect you become less of the things you consider desirable.

In a normal meditation, you are passive and waiting for something to happen, and so unbeknownst to you, the only thing you “cause” is for yourself to become more effect. Causative meditation on the other hand brings about a predefined result. This is a totally new concept. What is unique about this concept is that it is very easy to check if it works or not, because the result is predefined. So we are not talking about feelings, or opinions, we are talking about measurable results created by the spirit in the physical universe.

How is it done? What is the secret?

To find exactly how it is done you will need to attend this course, or our online webinars to learn some of this technology. I can tell you knowledge brings about control. So anything you don’t control, or anything that you are not cause over, you simply don’t know, but you don’t know that you don’t know.

This course will not add data to you. It will delete the thing you think you know but that isn’t true, and the result will be control. The unblocking of your abilities results in success. Successful relationships, career, physical agility, any area of life where you decide to apply causative meditation. This course will affect all areas of your life, anything that you want. Are you ready to learn by deleting things? If yes, join us.

Warning: if you want more generalities, if you are looking for just feeling good, if you are looking for anything else other than actual, measurable results, this course is not for you.

Full Schedule:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
8:30 – 10:30am: Lecture
10:30 – 11am: Tea Break
11 – 12pm: Lecture
12 – 1:30pm: Lunch Break
1:30 – 5pm: Lecture, Mind Science Drills, Meditation, Contemplation

Here is the webinar registration link if you would like to attend or know anyone who struggles with doubt.

This is the first topic we are addressing:

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